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Project Management Services

Ramboll offers project management services based on the best international approaches and standards. 
Project Management takes many forms

Project Management as a profession

Ramboll has comprehensive experience with projects related to civil works and construction works. In all our projects, we consider project management as a profession based on excellent skills.
Excellence in project management is an ever more vital part of successful projects. This is especially due to more complex processes, the influence of many stakeholders, tight schedules, scarce budgets and higher quality demands.

Project Management in an agile world

Conditions for managing projects are often characterised by very time-sensitive schedules, late decision making processes and lack of people with the right competences.

For this reason, it is important that management takes a controlled lead of the project which demands both strong managerial skills and effective methods for delivering the project performance needed.

Open, agile and responsive project management supports a flexible management structure without wavering in the performance of the project and the quality of its output.
Project Management

Project Management and Standards

Based on our ISO 9001 certification, we have developed an educational program called High Performance Project Management.
All project managers appointed in Ramboll have to follow the program as part of their profession as project managers.

When we serve our customers within the field of project management services, we follow the international standards of project management, such as:

  • PMBOK® - Project Management Body of Knowledge
  • Prince2® - Projects in Controlled Environments
  • IPMA® - International Project Management Association
  • ISO21500 - Standard on Project Management
  • ISO31000 - Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines

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