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Training and education


Our approach

Ramboll considers it important to have a simple and practical approach to the topics we teach. 

Open courses or company specific

Our courses are often delivered as company-specific sessions which are tailored to the needs of each business and its current project management tasks. Please contact us for more information on prices and booking.

The courses are also offered as open courses. These types of courses can be found in our course calendar where it is possible to sign up.

We typically aim for a maximum of 8 participants to optimise the value for the attendees.

Using our own experiences

We try to use examples from real life situations and projects so that the participants not only learn to use a tool but generally improve their project management skills. We spend time discussing the project management problems that the participants face on a daily basis, and how the different methods and tools can be useful in the everyday lives of each participant. 

The latest software

In our tools courses we combine project management with the current software. Ramboll provides each participant with a PC and the necessary software.

Contact Details

Jesper Brøgger Andersen
Chief Consultant
T+45 5161 5655
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