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Risk Analysis in General, 1 Day Course



The participants are given an understanding of, and methods for:

  • Choosing a suitable method for risk analysis
  • Systematically working out and lowering risk 
  • Presenting the risk analysis


Risk analyses that take time, economy, quality, environment and security into consideration have become a requirement in an increasing number of projects. We will explain and discuss methods and examples of simple and more advanced risk analyses, after which we will hand out exercises in e.g. estimation. We will also focus, show examples and make exercises on methods such as FMEA, Successive Calculation and Monte Carlo Simulation.

The course will focus on the following subjects: 

  • Methods for analysis:
    • FMEA
    • Successive Calculation
    • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Systematically working with and lowering risks
  • Maintenance of risk analyses
  • Presentation of risk analyses

Target group

Project leaders and project employees who need to be in control of the existing uncertainty factors in projects.


It is a precondition that the participants have a basic understanding of project management and company operations. Knowing how to use risk analysis tools is not a necessity.


DKK 4100 per participant per day, moms (VAT) not included 
The fee includes course materials and full catering.

Contact Details

Jesper Brøgger Andersen
Chief Consultant
T+45 5161 5655
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