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Primavera Risk Analysis, 1 Day Course

The participants learn the basic functions in Primavera Risk Analysis, so that they are capable of:
  • Analysing activity duration, resource use and/or expenditures
  • Working systematically with handling and lowering risks
  • Creating an overview of project risks


Primavera Risk Analysis is a comprehensive tool for creating confident and successful project completion. The program can be used in conjunction to Primavera P6 EPPM/Professional or Microsoft Project, and it is one of the most utilised risk analysis tools in the world. Primavera Risk Analysis analyses the duration, resource use and/or expenditures of a given activity. In that way it can give the user an overview of the risks in operation and determine whether the project can be accomplished within budget and the planned time frame. If necessary, it can also create an ”emergency plan” for undertakings.

The program is based on one of the most utilised principles within risk analysis, the so-called ”Monte Carlo Simulation”.

The course will focus on the following subjects:

  • Introduction to risk analysis
  • Risk analysis of time schedules
  • Use of Quick Risk for a quick overview 
  • Risks and Risk Register
  • Uncertainties of resource use and expenditures 
  • Reports (e.g. Tornado graph and distribution curves)
  • Percentiles for probabilities
  • Management of countermeasures against risks 
  • Transfer of projects and risk analyses between Primavera Risk Analysis and Primavera P6
  • Uncertainties and risk occurrence
  • Risk Register and Matrix
  • Attaching risk occurrences to one or more activities
  • Extended use of Risk Register

Target group

Project leaders and project employees who need an overview of project risks.


It is a precondition that the participants have a basic understanding of project management and company operations. Knowledge of the use of risk analysis tools is not a necessity. 


DKK 4100 per day per participant, VAT not included.
The fee includes course materials and full catering.


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