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Primavera Cloud

Next-Generation PPM Solution 
Primavera Prime Cloud Service
Oracle Primavera Cloud is a cloud based enterprise solution that allows users to manage all aspects of project management and project pipeline prioritize through portfolio management.

Some of the key features of Primavera Cloud include real-time visibility in to project cost, schedule, risk and performance information, which allows project managers and stakeholders to make the right decisions.

Primavera Cloud provides tools for portfolio managers to evaluate multiple scenarios and arrive at an optimal plan to allocate financial budgets that are in-line with strategic goals.

Cloud based risk analysis using risk registers and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities allow project managers and risk specialists to analyze potential impact on project.

In-built enterprise social collaboration features allow project teams to communicate effectively in real time and manage project planning, monitoring, execution processes efficiently.

Flexible and powerful dashboard and reporting capabilities allow stakeholders to have critical information at their fingertips.

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